Parliamentary Protective Service Ottawa breached independent journalist rights of free press then makes threats to trespass me

so i was the hill doing my Job as a independent journalist asking questions to mps but i had this Parliamentary Protective Service goon threaten to trespass me for asking questions when in Canada i have a right to ask questions to my local or fed officials

Parliamentary Protective Service goon told me i have to be fake news ask questions in the media on Parliament hill, here is the video to back up what i am saying

In this country’s this is Canada and i have right to ask questions any time i want this isnt north Korea to the Parliamentary Protective Service goon

What made me pick up camera?

as photographer where i have covered many events in Canada and even travel places to get the good shots its hard with the funding when things are costing too much.

what made me pick up camera and do what i do well I wanted to see what’s happening even document the stories

in Ottawa unhappy people who hate them selves in what they do to people its sad what’s happening

its hard some times what i do reason this left wing nut bar stalks me makes up lies about in Ottawa but i don’t really care this loser watches too much crap online

I was so happy that i covered this top of the line soccer MLS and women soccer

The work i do i have been spit at assaulted and Antifa militants in the justice system want to jail me for my work, there are things i can not post because i might court orders on me

In April i covered this and it was the best time for me

Kerry Isham Pedo teacher gave kindergarteners masturbation homework assignment

Kerry Isham Pedo teacher working in a FN school in  Alert Bay, B.C gave Homework to kindergarteners masturbation homework assignment, what kinda sick people do we have running in schools having kindergarteners masturbation homework assignment only the left will support this kinda stuff but i know the far pedo left are watching my blog but i dont really care

The popular social media monitoring platform Libs of TikTok was the first to report the incident at T’lisa̱lagi’lakw School in Namgis First Nation in Alert Bay, B.C. based on a Facebook post. 

A worksheet from the book Body Smart: Right From the Start asks kids to “draw a picture of the private places where you can touch your penis or vulva if you want to.”

“Some children like to touch their own private body parts and some children don’t,” the assignment states. “All families have different rules about masturbation (touching your own private parts.) Talk to your trusted grown-ups about your family rules.”

This is why far left child pedos like Vanacouver chuddy boy and his pedo crew should be exposed for what the crap they do.

Hoping my friend does post Vancouver chuddy boys face address work all over line some day

An angry parent took to facebook with this post:

UPDATE: After the publishing of this post, the Facebook user and parent of a child in the school who first alerted us to this assignment posted this confirming that the school is investigating:

Homeschool ur kids if you see this

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Donald NNCIM

Antifa terrorist calls for the arrest for people swearing at NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

Just to let you know there are things cant say on here because i have people up my ass trying throw me in jail for free speech but Antifa militants can dox people and get with it why because Justin Trudeau funds anti to dox people make up slander lies about people

So Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh heckled in Peterborough the other night by people who hate him called Him names i don’t agree with, But Antifa militants are calling for the arrest on people for yelling at Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh yes there some borderline criminal offences but Antifa militants needs to be under investigation for assaulting people doxing people even more

Maxime Bernier was egged by some left wing nut job nd the media just sat back didnt do a story about it but when Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh media are all over that saying people are the problem slander make up lies about people

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh saying on twitter Your grocery bills are expected to go up by $1000 annually while CEOs are lining their pockets The rich are raking in the profits and it’s working-class Cdns who are paying the price It’s time to close tax loopholes for big corporations so we can help those who need it the most but the lying sack of crap has a nice house nice car.

I know the left wing losers are watching my blog like the people trying to shut me up for free speech

Donald NNCIM

Ottawa Left wing nut bar

well another day in this world of hate where i ran into this left wing nut bar in Ottawa telling people lies bout me. screaming at me how’s court well i am not in jail which i will not be but you know the left wing jerks will say things assault ya or more

But if I post something I have a Alberta Antifa militant lawyer on my ass saying oh you cant post this its breaking orders we need to jail Donald smith for free speech

To the Ottawa Left wing nut bar i have your picture and you want it free of charge ill send it too ya, But saying shit about me making up lies is a criminal offence.

 Antifa Doxing Posting peoples address online YYC


Freedom fighters in Calgary have been doxed by Antifa militants and address put on line by a Antifa page community solidarity Calgary where they call people horrible names without the proper facts

Its a criminal offence what Antifa is doing to people by slandering and making up stories about people by calling them white nationalist neo Nazi and other things but the police will not do anything about it

Yes taking pictures is not a criminal offence but calling people horrible names making up stories is a criminal offence

False information

  • 372 (1) Everyone commits an offence who, with intent to injure or alarm a person, conveys information that they know is false, or causes such information to be conveyed by letter or any means of telecommunication.
  • 298 (1) A defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published.

I am under gag order right now and I cant post about a person or I will have a Antifa militant lawyer on my ass trying to jail me for exposing problems

I know the Antifa militant lawyer is watching my blog but this Antifa militant lawyer needs to watch rebel media about how Antifa militants dox people but i post something we need to order charges and jail mr smith for his so called free speech

Freedom of press is a allowed in this country but you have Antifa militant lawyers get money from hate groups and lie no freedom of the freedom of the press any more

Donald NNCIM

Is there freedom of Expression in this country well the answer is no

i wonder in this country of so called Canada if there is freedom of Expression well the answer is no because you have Antifa militants out there shutting people down even using the courts find people in civil contempt of court for exposing them

I am under gag order for exposing Antifa militant and tax funded money is going to Antifa militant lawyer trying to jail me for free speech and judges are paid off by Antifa militants

its sad when you express your matter or say something then Antifa militants will call you nazis racist bigot and other names even have false charges on ya.

Justin Trudeau funds a group called where they have Antifa militants dox you even make up lies about you

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd grills the Canadian Anti-Hate Network over false claims that a photo of an anti-Semitic flyer was taken at the Freedom Convoy protest. and i think Anti-Hate Network needs there funding cut for allowing there members to try to jail innocent people for freedom of Expression but there is things i cant say or i am getting chewed out

Donald NNCIM

independent journalist Films Ecomm In Victoria BC never gets arrested But Dirty crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier makes false charges for me filming

Not so silent youtrube

I know Dirty crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier is watching my Blog like a hawk to put more false charges on me for exposing there corruption in a court room

I wonder Dirty crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier is going to call the police on the island to have a person filming in a public place charged for filming on public side walk for criminal harassment i bet he will not do it

independent journalist from Victoria BC was doing a story about e-comm how they are bullies plus not have proper mental health training to deal with mental health calls

in this Video independent journalist goes up to e-comm recording there Building no cops in sight to false charge the independent journalist for criminal harassment

well i was criminally charged for filming on a public side walk for filming a 911 building false charges and false Police reports by lori pike and her gang member crew

i want to show ya how the dirty crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier allows Vancouver police e-comm to lie Here is the false arrest Video for filming in a public place and charger rights breached plus many more

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Caryma Sa’d – Lawyer and independent journalist told to leave doug ford event

Caryma Sa’d whos a independent journalist was told to leave Doug ford event. Ford security refused independent journalist to cover the event for no reason at all

Caryma didn’t do anything wrong to try to cover ford event but ford doesn’t like her but the reason for kicking her out is wrong, I thought there was freedom of the Press in this country well I guess i am wrong about that one

here is a another Video of ford security telling media to leave the property and making threats we do not want you to get hurt. WTF did i hear thats a threat in my books

Comment and tell me whta you think

Donald Smith NNCIM

Rolling Thunder and Unhappy people

Over the weekend in Ottawa I wittnessed many people who are peaceful and unhappy people who hated the freedom people in the city.

I was attacked with names from unhappy people at a bar told i am going to get knocked out or killed if i do not leave which i do not find right at. In this picture lots of angry people who wants to hurt other p[people which i don’t find it right

In this Picture i call this peaceful protest in ottawa but its a left wiong city