John southern was right about the meowmix what they do to people and me left wing anftia nuts

Well left wing nut bar on twitter trashing me up saying I’m really over this clown. He can’t even spell antifa. Stop perpetuating the myth that DFS is a victim and a poor little handicapped person. They’re not. I was wrong. They’re a fraud. A phone. A sexist, racist, creep that sent really shitty messages threatening a woman.

i will come clean for the comments what i did and what do but the left anftia members on the meowmix aka facepalmchris trashes me supports jade love story for the crap she does too me. yes again i have done shady stuff and i am not proud of it for what i did in the past but coming trashing me on twitter not a good thing

I supported the meowmix but when they started to support Jade anftia supporter even the hard core trans pedos well left wing nuts out there who like to ruin peoples lives

Chris tells me i should be in prison still but he supports the anftia crew even judges me about my spelling.

Here is some text messages from a person had sexual text messages with me and she was married but i am the one gets shit on for it.

i am not too worried about they say about me but seeing them coming after me saying i target women and children and police officers and innocent people doing their jobs is a joke. again i will own up to my mistakes but left wing nut bars will not own up to there mistakes

Comment and tell me what you think people

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Pastor Tobias Tissen arrested for breaching health rules But Manitoba’s Health Minister Audrey Gordon can break the law

another day in this world of Luncey where a pastor from Steinbach, Manitoba was arrested on a outsiding warrant for standing up for freedom even preaching the house of god, Pictures Show ya everything how Justin Trudeau gang members work stand up for freedom you will get arrested and the courts allow this which i find a total Joke

 Manitoba’s health minister and families minister were caught breaking public health orders and i do not see the rcmp or city police arresting Manitoba’s health minister and families ministers for breaking the law, Hmm shocking?

I do believe as Minister of Health, I should be held to a higher standard and I have always upheld that standard. but wrong you come after people for standing up for freedom then get the cops arrest people hit them with bs fines tickets and more but crooked member like you get a free pass for the crimes you commit

comment and tell me what you think people


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Left wing nuts going on a hard core spree about me

Many people out there are accusin me of lying saying i didnt catch covid19 when i really did.

here is my proof i got the shot

Jade anftia welfare bum story is running her mouth again on me accusing me for commiting fraud saying i never got the shot when i really did i have the proof to Back it up i took the shot, its sad how theses left wing nuts love to go after me and make comments about do what they please in life

Brad dirks whos a major left wing nut loves to assault people and hurt people but when he runs his mouth like a lil bitch gets called out he runs to the cops oh theses people are Transphobes,

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BillBoard Chris attacked by left wing nuts

Very Well known person named Chris aka Bill board Chris Travels around places talks about

gender ideology and why children cannot consent to puberty blockers was attacked in Ottawa By left wing nuts, Chris was punched in the head a couple times, but not too hard. even his signs got destroyed with felt markers and paint. there was assault commited one person charged over it, why are theses so called Trans people saying they support free speech but they shut down free speech

Its sad in this country where you have left wing nuts can go out there to assault people hurt people and not get charged for there crimes,

Chris got a nice warm welcome to the left wing nuts who called chris names in the Book.

i thought under canadian law we have rights for freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, but the left wing nuts call everything racisit and shut down free speech

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Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Racist has fake dog attack innocent person

Update Langley RCMP has viewed the video and determined the circumstances did not meet the standards for criminal charges

Jessica Yaniv fake transgender pedo posted a video on this twitter account having his Fake service dog attack a innocent person in a garabge area and this was planned

Kamal the person name was shooken up and i am wondering why is the rcmp not pressing charges on this fake transgender Pedo for assault allowing the Dog to assault the person

I spent 39days in jail because of the fake transgender pedo lying to the cops about me and i am getting tired of it

when is the rcmp going to charge Jessica Yaniv fake transgender pedo allowing to break the law using a dog as a weapon

Jessica Yaniv the fake transgender pedo takes a shot at me because i was tested postive for covid19 but look at the fat ass asshole what he does

I have reached out to the surrey rcmp for a comment News Now Canada Independent media Freelance Photographer