Mount Moriah RCMP Breaks in to Mount Moriah COUPLE HOUSE

(Troy Turner/CBC)

Alberta legal justice system and left wing nuts have a right to free speech

In Mount Moriah Two RCMP courrpted officers broke into a couples house went to there kids room to question about missing Gal,

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the Rcmp said they rang the Door Bell but the couple do not have a door bell,

Very scary to have dirty rcmp to break the law without a proper warrant. if that was me questioning what happen i would have lawyers and judges up my ass for writing a story about this or jailed

I have to watch what I post because Alberta legal system will be up my ass for free speech but welcome to the shit system

Going back to this story every shocking to have two dirty rcmp officers breaking into some couple house, RCMP COPS cars have GPS name date and what time of the car was signed out

Pike went to the police detachment the next day looking for answers, and was told the officers were given permission to enter the home after knocking on doors and windows to no answer. well i dont believe the RCMP story something more fishy about this

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I want to say thank you to all my supports fans and haters out there for supporting my Blog and the reporting i do,

I know free speech is being shut down by govt funded hate groups courts shutting down free speech by the though Police out there

There is some things i cant post because of Alberta legal court systems

I am being watched like a hawk about my free speech

Freedom of Expression on Matters of Public Importance

Freedom of expression occupies a special place as one of the paramount and important freedoms in our society. As Justice McIntyre of the Supreme Court of Canada said in the 1986 Dolphin Delivery case, freedom of expression:

“…is one of the fundamental concepts that has formed the basis for the historical development of the political, social and educational institutions of western society. Representative democracy, as we know it today, which is in great part the product of free expression and discussion of varying ideas, depends upon its maintenance and protection.”

And as Justice McLachlin (as she was then) wrote in the 1990 Keegstra case:

“As this court has repeatedly affirmed, the content of a statement cannot deprive it of the protection accorded by [the right to freedom of expression], no matter how offensive it may be.”

Toronto Homeless Shelter attack

Over the weekend In a Toronto Homeless shelter there was attack by a mentally ill gal or a gal High on drugs attacked two security officers punched two officers in the face.

I saved the two female security life because of this gal who was mentally ill or high on drugs, the gal Punched and grabbed the security officer hair while the other one was using the Baton.

Toronto Police showed up and it took 10 cops to arrest this gal, the gal spitted on the cops assaulted the cops, Yes there is Video of what happen but i am not releasing video because its too graphic

I have to agree with the far left on the problems with homeless shelters and i have to agree there needs to be more mental health training.

Mayor John Tory needs to clean up theses places and deal with the drugs coming in plus there needs to be mandatory searches, someone could be bring a gun or stab someone badly then what happens

I have done stories about Homeless shelters and some left wing threaten me for doing stories about it in the past

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Donald NNCIM

No free speech allowed in this country courts support left wing Alberta courts last entry of my Blog for a while

I want say this is my last entry of my Blog for a while

Alberta legal courts who tell people they or cant post are not are not a thought police

yesterday in my hearing the alberta legal system was the thought police

the courts are not a thought police,” Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips said in ms lich bail hearing but alberta legal system are the thought police

Far left police rats and lawyer Ci reports will attack innocent people

So i was found Guilty civil contempt for doxing someone but when the when the left wing person doxes people all the time gets away with it.

The left are police rats but when they get caught what they do they bitch about it oh we need lawyers and more to jail free speech people

yesterday the legal system breached my charter rights and breached R-v-mackinnon-free-speech-case-defending-right-to-criticize-government the legal system breached brecken vs fort town erie but in Alberta the legal system a hate being criticize but they will order jail time if you speak out

There are so many case laws i can site but the legal system do not care to follow Canadian law, I am going to be filing a complaint to the legal system in my matter with all the errors he made and i am going to be filing a complaint to the law society of Alberta I feels like Canada is turning to a no free speech zone with govt funding hate sites that doxes people and assault people plus more welcome to north Korea Canada

I will be focusing on Photography work and other things i am going let this die down take a break

Thank you everyone for supporting my Blog but free speech is under attack by the left woke nuts hate being exposed for they do

Donald smith

Hamilton police lie in there media reporter about independent journalist Doug ford event

well another lie by the Hamilton police dept saying independent journalist blocked the entrance of the rally when that is a full lie because i was there my self covering the event

Zak who is a police officer went over to the independent journalist told the independent journalist to leave, Zak didn’t give proper reason to leave only to get Hamilton police

here is the video of what happen that night and i didn’t see anyone blocking road ways another lie by Ford and Hamilton police

Cargojet had given a written trespass order to be able to remove people from their property, when there was a public event but its sad when goons can attack people

Here is video of a The CBC’s Mike Crawley (@CBCQueensPark) was reporting on the Ontario PC convention when security tried to intervene. That didn’t stop Mike, who kept his cool and carried on

This is zak is a police officer and likes to lie make false orders on people who do not like ford

Here is the false arrest of independent journalist and Hamilton police lied about what happen

Donald smith NNCIM

Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier wants to lay more criminal charges on me because of my blog for exposing BC COURT SYSTEM

Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier doesnt like being exposed for his crimes he has committed on me for the false charge for filming on a public side walk outside of e-comm

i was charged and falsely arrested for filming on a public side walk out of e-comm and i am going to trial for it but Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier will not drop the charges for filming in public

E- comm staff made a false 911 call about me labeling me as a criminal i think e-comm staff should be charged for making a false 911 and a false police report

Here is the Video of the false 911 call of e- comm staff getting all pissed off because a guy with a camera i am a terrorist

Cst King of the VANCOUVER police service called me on my cell and threaten to murder me if i make a another video about him or write another story about him, well cst king you are pos you lie and want innocent people in jail

Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier wants me jailed for filming on public property and i was in uxbridge documenting and take pictures

I am wondering if Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier is going to criminally charge me for taking pictures like this for criminal harassment

Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier GOING TO CALL TPS on me and have me falsely arrested for doing this

Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier is lying sack of shit

Doug ford security has me trespassed from a public event and Toronto Lawyer arrested for Trespassing

yesterday i went to cover the event at Doug fords rally and i was told by zak who is police officer telling me I am not allowed in the event,

I asked a few questions then he sicked Hamilton police on me try to have me trespassed from a public event, I did make some comments to the Hamilton police in this Video you are you going to see , i am sorry for the abuse comments i made to the officers

Doug ford hates free press and hates people who stand up too him for the crap his does

This post on twitter a police officer breaking the law wants to shut up people and order bs charges on people who show up to events

here is the full video of caryma being arrest for coming to a public event then being trespassed by Hamilton police for no reason

Hamilton police have been in the spot Light for there abuse on people for reporting

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Donald NNCIM

Fake Transgender so called Pedo Jessica Yaniv gets second conditional discharge,

Notorious transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson has been found guilty in Surrey Provincial Court on Wednesday for assaulting former Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte. but here’s the catch Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson second conditional discharge for his Crimes but no jail time

I spent 39 days in Jail because of this Notorious transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson for lying to the cops even mocking me while i was in jail.

here is the video of this fucken loser mocking me while i was in jail

its sad the justice system can allow  Notorious transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson to walk the streets and pull the trans card for his actions

This notorious transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson can Threaten people hurt people and get away with it but if you film in public you have Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier can breach your charter rights and lie to the courts.

here is the video of Yaniv assaulting keean and the judge supported the transgender pedo

Here is the transcript where the crown lied to the judge about me and i almost lost my place because of theses POS JESSICA YANIV

Jessica Yaniv is problem scammer liar and the crown even the courts support Transgender pedos like Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier

here is a Video of this fucker smashing canes on people but i get 39days for exposing this POS

here is another Video of Notorious transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson can threaten to run me over and the rcmp do not charge this pos

Notorious transgender sexual predator Jessica (Yaniv) Simpson NEEDS TO BE JAILED

Donald smith NNCIM

Homeless shelters In Toronto Full where is the Housing for people who need it

many people are Homeless in Toronto Ont and the shelters are full in the GTA.

i have chatted with someone Homeless people on the street who are looking for place called home to get help, The homeless shelters are full right now in the GTA and the waiting list long for a bed.

Mayor John Tory says we are going to help the Homeless people but i havent seen it.

I know people have come from Ukraine for housing from the war but start looking after Canadians 1st

I have chatted with a few gals who are Homeless and they have told me some of the women shelters are not safe at all

I am planning to email the mayor about the Homeless problem and see what i get for answer

Donald NNCIM