Antifa Planning to attack at Oakville High school on Peaceful protesters

Today is the Protest In oakville about the teacher wearing gross clothing but we know anftia supports pedos and having the courts system in there pockets when they get exposes for who they are

Twitter is buzzing right now with the left wing nuts support hurting people assaulting people even supporting raping kids most Antifa are sex offenders

Michelle Rider and pedo petch are on twitter buzzing about me saying I wonder if his pro-bono satire lawyer can convince him to not show up. I do not see how this helps him. For him this is about fueling his transphobic hatred, and his view that he’s helping the children.

well pedo petch when you support theses clowns and support hurting people that makes you a pedo supporter, when i seen you in Calgary you took off like a bitch when i called you out

zero Tolerance whos a commie and supports hurting people oh her Hubby is a fire fighter for the Toronto fire services and this commie clown husband should be fired for allowing her wife to threaten to assault people

Tony whos a left wing nut that supports anfita sex offenders putting the word out there maybe calling his Antifa sex offenders friends to attack people

Going back to about the Protest my sources have told me anftia is planning to bring weapons mace possible a gun I know they love to shoot people and hurt people

Stay tuned for the shit show to break out

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

Donald Smith is Independent Journalist/Freelance Photographer has been on the front lines covering events tracking the pm plus been arrested for free speech even found guilty for free speech, In this world of Hell where people attack you for free speech is a joke. I have exposed mass corruption in police dept. like Vancouver police where they falsely charged me for filming on a public side walk what made me become Independent Journalist/Freelance Photographer because of the problems happening in the world. I have been in jail because of fake transgender Pedo named Jessica Yaniv and the courts allowed this pedo to abuse people now the luck is running out for this loser I dont like the fake news because there a joke what the do to people

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