Fake so called antifascist Planning to attack In Ottawa next weekend

next weekend mass freedom fighters are coming back to ottawa to protest the police state laws about the jab and Justin Castro Trudeau,

I have been looking at the Fake so called antifascist twitter page and they are planning to attack inncoent people like throwing eggs at people plus use a gun to shoot up freedom group protesters.

There are things i cant comment about because i am under a court order about my free speech i don’t need Alberta legal system up my ass but welcome to north alberta korea

Theses so called antifascist are so delusional and do not know the real meaning about white supremacy only to listen to here so called friends that support hurting people

so called antifascist should go to cuba china and other places that are commusit countries need to there protest because there asses would be in jail asap for protesting

Going back to what i am saying so called antifascist are going to cause problems to hurt people even kids

The govt of Canada has gave mass funding to hate groups to shut down free speech but again i am under soviet style court order about my free speech because i might have soviet Alberta justice system up my ass

I will be headed to ottawa to document what will happen over the canada day long weekend

Thanks donald

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

One thought on “Fake so called antifascist Planning to attack In Ottawa next weekend

  1. Riveting piece thank you. Am wondering where the latest news has gone? Looking forward to some fresh reports from the NNCIM team. Thank you have good day!


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