Toronto Homeless shelter problem Mayor John Troy needs to clean it up

For privacy issues i had to blur faces out

Another day in the Toronto Homeless shelter when this Picture was sent to me from someone staying in the a Toronto homeless shelter. I am told from people who are staying at a Toronto homeless shelter its not a safe place with the fighting open drug use which the far fake left support. people in the shelter cant sleep with the problems happening some staff members are turning a mass blind eye what’s happening

there some people in the shelter are working full time jobs trying to save money and get back on there feet

i was told there was 4 ems at the shelter dealing with mass over doses and TPS had to show up

couple weeks ago two security guards were attacked staff didnt do any thing to step in to help

I have to agree with some of the far left members that Homeless shelters are not safe because i have stayed in a few of them when i was in Toronto

Bathrooms are trashed and the open drug issue in the bathroom are bad no staff do nothing for checks

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