Parliamentary Protective Service Ottawa breached independent journalist rights of free press then makes threats to trespass me

so i was the hill doing my Job as a independent journalist asking questions to mps but i had this Parliamentary Protective Service goon threaten to trespass me for asking questions when in Canada i have a right to ask questions to my local or fed officials

Parliamentary Protective Service goon told me i have to be fake news ask questions in the media on Parliament hill, here is the video to back up what i am saying

In this country’s this is Canada and i have right to ask questions any time i want this isnt north Korea to the Parliamentary Protective Service goon

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

Donald Smith is Independent Journalist/Freelance Photographer has been on the front lines covering events tracking the pm plus been arrested for free speech even found guilty for free speech, In this world of Hell where people attack you for free speech is a joke. I have exposed mass corruption in police dept. like Vancouver police where they falsely charged me for filming on a public side walk what made me become Independent Journalist/Freelance Photographer because of the problems happening in the world. I have been in jail because of fake transgender Pedo named Jessica Yaniv and the courts allowed this pedo to abuse people now the luck is running out for this loser I dont like the fake news because there a joke what the do to people

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