Is there freedom of Expression in this country well the answer is no

i wonder in this country of so called Canada if there is freedom of Expression well the answer is no because you have Antifa militants out there shutting people down even using the courts find people in civil contempt of court for exposing them

I am under gag order for exposing Antifa militant and tax funded money is going to Antifa militant lawyer trying to jail me for free speech and judges are paid off by Antifa militants

its sad when you express your matter or say something then Antifa militants will call you nazis racist bigot and other names even have false charges on ya.

Justin Trudeau funds a group called where they have Antifa militants dox you even make up lies about you

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd grills the Canadian Anti-Hate Network over false claims that a photo of an anti-Semitic flyer was taken at the Freedom Convoy protest. and i think Anti-Hate Network needs there funding cut for allowing there members to try to jail innocent people for freedom of Expression but there is things i cant say or i am getting chewed out

Donald NNCIM

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

Donald Smith is Independent Journalist/Freelance Photographer has been on the front lines covering events tracking the pm plus been arrested for free speech even found guilty for free speech, In this world of Hell where people attack you for free speech is a joke. I have exposed mass corruption in police dept. like Vancouver police where they falsely charged me for filming on a public side walk what made me become Independent Journalist/Freelance Photographer because of the problems happening in the world. I have been in jail because of fake transgender Pedo named Jessica Yaniv and the courts allowed this pedo to abuse people now the luck is running out for this loser I dont like the fake news because there a joke what the do to people

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