Sam hersh Left wing nut group calling for strong police response to upcoming freedom events also wants police defunded

Sam hersh who is a mass far left wing nut In Ottawa is calling for a mass strong police response but wants to defend the police

Left nuts in Ottawa is urging authorities to crack down on attendees of the freedom events, they are also very critical of the police and support the Defund the Police movement.

the left wing commies want to destory this country call anyone racisit who disgree with the far fake left nuts, theses nut bar bitch about everything but when you call them out they will call lawyers to have you jailed for standing up for your self

Theses mentally ill nuts dox people bitch at people and again they call the cops like a bitch when getting there asses handed to them

My stalker chuddy boy who is a 60 year old man picks on people with mental health issues. chuddy boy hates being called out for his actions but when someone makes a threat to him

need to call the Police but theses people want to defund the cops but if the far left nuts defund the cops guess what would happen rapes will go up crime will go up and people will get hurt but the far fake left nuts need to be exposed and jailed

Chuddy boy is a police rat like every far left nut member

far fake left wing nuts had also called for the reduction of Ottawa’s police budget in both 2020 and 2021, wanting the funding to instead go towards Ottawa Public Health and “real community safety.”

I will be in ottawa to doucemnt whats going on and the mass police presents coming up

stay tuned Donald NNCIM

Fake so called antifascist Planning to attack In Ottawa next weekend

next weekend mass freedom fighters are coming back to ottawa to protest the police state laws about the jab and Justin Castro Trudeau,

I have been looking at the Fake so called antifascist twitter page and they are planning to attack inncoent people like throwing eggs at people plus use a gun to shoot up freedom group protesters.

There are things i cant comment about because i am under a court order about my free speech i don’t need Alberta legal system up my ass but welcome to north alberta korea

Theses so called antifascist are so delusional and do not know the real meaning about white supremacy only to listen to here so called friends that support hurting people

so called antifascist should go to cuba china and other places that are commusit countries need to there protest because there asses would be in jail asap for protesting

Going back to what i am saying so called antifascist are going to cause problems to hurt people even kids

The govt of Canada has gave mass funding to hate groups to shut down free speech but again i am under soviet style court order about my free speech because i might have soviet Alberta justice system up my ass

I will be headed to ottawa to document what will happen over the canada day long weekend

Thanks donald

Toronto Homeless shelter problem Mayor John Troy needs to clean it up

For privacy issues i had to blur faces out

Another day in the Toronto Homeless shelter when this Picture was sent to me from someone staying in the a Toronto homeless shelter. I am told from people who are staying at a Toronto homeless shelter its not a safe place with the fighting open drug use which the far fake left support. people in the shelter cant sleep with the problems happening some staff members are turning a mass blind eye what’s happening

there some people in the shelter are working full time jobs trying to save money and get back on there feet

i was told there was 4 ems at the shelter dealing with mass over doses and TPS had to show up

couple weeks ago two security guards were attacked staff didnt do any thing to step in to help

I have to agree with some of the far left members that Homeless shelters are not safe because i have stayed in a few of them when i was in Toronto

Bathrooms are trashed and the open drug issue in the bathroom are bad no staff do nothing for checks

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Fake Far left planning to throw eggs at freedom fighters In Ottawa

I hope the cops are checking out the fake far left twitter page for the crap abouyt too start.

so many freedom fighters are showing up to ottawa for another protest about the liberal Govt and there police state laws.

James topp is coming to Ottawa a man i met in Vancouver when he started his march about the problems, many people are showing up to greet him for his brave work even march

But checking out the fake far left twitter account there planning to egg people bear mace people even assault people oh wait commit hate acts that could hurt someone

I hope Ottawa Police is planning to arrest the some far left members saying they want to assault people but we know the courts support fake left wing nuts

More from the fake far left want to commit hate but when they are caught they bitch to the courts oh i am the victim for the honking

Fake far left not happy with me because i am doing so well

its a another day in this world of problems when the fake far left isnt happy with me because i am doing so well.

i am doing much better then i was in the Past, Yes i have said some nasty things and I was in the wrong

I have been in Toronto for a month and i am doing much better than i was

I am holding down a full time job in a kitchen in Toronto making money plus trying to find a place to live, but i am getting help with housing Yes i am in a shelter not happy about it but after walking away from hell in Vancouver i needed a new life

I am much happy then i was dealing with problems and Vancouver Police how they treated me,

I am getting business cards made for my Photography work plus picking some photography

Lots of positive of things are happening for me but seeing the far left do not have better things too do just tweet about me no stress off me

The fake far left wants me in jail guess what its not happening, Yes i have said nasty things about the fake far left it was so wrong for what i did but the fake far left needs to find a new life then dealing with me

I have better things to deal with and watching the fake far left left but i will still keep tabs on them but there just unhappy people

take care support my blog

Donald NNCIM

Toronto climate activist take fossil fuel Bus to a climate protest RBC

So i was out and bout when i seen left wing people headed to a climate protest,


what really shocked me when i seen theses left wing loonies taking a school bus to the rbc golf course to protest climate,

Theses people are nuts what they do when there cell phones come from fossil fuel even there phone are made from oil,

I was talking to Toronto Police service about theses people some officers told me theses protesters work for big companies, I asked really he told me know about theses so called protesters

on the left wing twitter page who support communist are at the RBC Canadian open they have signs that are made from oil they bitch about climate change wow

i do not know what to say but they dont like me if i do things right for my self

Toronto Homeless shelter problem


I want to talk about Toronto Homeless shelters and i have done stories about them in the past but i had a far left wing nut bar threaten me in the past for doing a story about it

Yes i am in shelter in Toronto for the reasons because i walked away from my place in Vancouver went to Alberta but that didn’t work out.

I have been in a Toronto Homeless shelter for a month working a full time job in a kitchen in Toronto, The things I have seen since I have been in here are positive and bad things

lets start with the postive things were the workers are Helping me housing plus got me health card I am happy about that.

The bad things in the shelter open Drug use fights drinking and staff letting things get out of control like week or ago where a mentally ill or gal on drugs attacked security full punches happening I jumped in to save the security Guard life because no one else jumped in

I have to ARGEE with the far left about Homeless shelters in Toronto because of the Problems in the shelter but some far left members will trash me for supporting them about shelter problems

Here are some Pictures and the bathroom is trashed all the time staff do not most things

Google review about the shelter and this is what i am doing Housing mental health