Far Left taking to twitter about Jeremy arrest when the far left want to defund the cops

well there you have it people when the justice system support left wing nuts threaten to burn peoples houses down even dox people who they want to shut people

Jeremy Mackenzie has been arrested on a Canada wide warrant for weapon charges by the rcmp in sask

Jeremy has been attacked in the media for speaking out about the problems how the far left attack Him even threaten to assault him

I though the far left want to defund the cops and the justice dept allow there friends who hurt people out of jail but there taking to twitter about Jeremy arrest

Former TEACHER left wing nut Proud classroom teacher for the past 31 years, strong advocate for public education, mother of 2, wife, friend. Recently retired! Woot! Woot

takes to twitter about Jeremey arrest and wants him locked up for ever when this clown needs to be exposed and locked up

Dean bludell a left wing good fuck him when blundell has done bad shit in his life and was fired from His job for being a loser but I don’t care what dean says

Global news reporter left wing is Happy that Jeremy Mackenzie has been arrested and i know Canadian slander anti hate network is paying Rachel Gilmore

I talked to Morgan may who is dating Jeremy there full Video of Jeremy arrest on home security camera and camera Phones but will not release the Video until she talks to lawyers

more to the story when i get more

Donald Smith

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Breaking news Durham Regional Police Service Raided a person house early in the morning on wed

what a night in Oshawa when the cops raided someone Place which i couldn’t get answer from any cop because most of them were rude and didn’t wanna talk

one officer told me warrant was being excused for something

here is the Video i did post on My twitter to the media to see what they would do

Property Manager Trespass me from property and hates media when I tried to ask a question tries to attack me too in front of her goon friends

Good night comment people

Donald Smith

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Nova Scotia Justice system Puts a so called Criminal in solitary confinement on BS charges

what’s happening in this Country of Hell when Nova scotia Justice System is putting so called criminals in solitary confinement on BS charges for standing up for there rights and freedom

well its happen to Morgan may again and she texted me about it saying yes they put me in solitary confinement No shower no shoes no change of clothes

Dark days are coming and people need to wake up so bad for whats coming in this world

Canadian slander anti hate net work funding needs to be gone and mass charges on theses clowns for what they do to people doxxing slander and more

Canadian slander anti hate net work has a history of Lying but they were caught By Conservative MP Dane Lloyd over false claims that a photo of an anti-Semitic flyer was taken at the Freedom Convoy protest

Going back to Morgan may she needs a fair trial and fair hearing because our justice system even govt suck ass

Comment and tell me what you think

Donald Smith

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Independent photojournalist AKA me Do not get paid for my work. Yes i am for independent photojournalist Job

as a independent photojournalist has been covering many events and other things I do not get paid for my work what I do and check out theses press passes what i have gotten from my other media company I have started.

Yes i am looking for independent photojournalist Job and that’s a truth

I worked so hard getting this and I am happy but again i don’t get paid for my work what i do it sucks when you have to ask for donations to show the world what’s happening in my photography

I was at a boxing match i covered and i was happen to get some press pass for that again I don’t get paid for the work i do but some day I am hoping I will

Here a picture i took when i was in BC covering the BCHL hockey and the good shots does happen

untitled image

When you apply for press passes its hard some times because you will get shut down reason you are not big media

I had a fight with the Nhl About this and they told me i have to be big media to cover the games but i wrote a blog about that on my other Blog which you can find here

I have covered this event in Toronto having to deal with clown who hate independent photojournalist and the names i get called its gross

I have been attacked for doing my Job as a independent photojournalist even called names like a racist white supremacy even white nationalist by the fake left

I had this person from the PPC call me a grifter when i am out there covering many events spending money out of my own pocket

Hockey I have covered training camp event and list and go one

Comment and tell me what you think

Donald Smith

Independent Photojournalist
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Poilievre asks RCMP to investigate rape threats about his wife Rape Jokes are not okay

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has asked the RCMP to investigate whether criminal charges can be pressed against Diagolon podcaster Jeremy MacKenzie for threatening to sexually assault his wife, Anaida Poilievre. 

I heard the Video My self and I find it gross when people make rape comments or joke I don’t care if you are drunk or not

Mr Poilievre Took to twitter and made a statement about it nad now asking for the rcmp to have criminal charges applied on Jeremy

Under section 264.1 Jeremey can be charged for his actions for making threats like that

Mr Poilievre became aware of disgusting comments made by Jeremy MacKenzie and another man, where they discuss sexually assaulting my wife. These men are dirtbags,” wrote Poilievre. 

“My office has referred these comments to the RCMP to assess whether criminal charges should be laid.” 

“People can attack my politics, they can call me names, they can protest my ideas and what I stand for. But threatening my wife and family is appalling and I will not tolerate it. Leave my family alone.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the incident without mentioning Poilievre himself. 

“No one should ever be subject to threats of violence or the kind of hatred that we’ve seen increasingly in the public discourse, in the public sphere,” said Trudeau. 

Yes i have a attacked Prime minister Justin Trudeau and his family’s my self it was wrong what i did

Comment and tell me what you think

Donald Smith

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Breaking News Morgan May is being let out of custody In the next hour

Update morgan is out of jail

Update from Dartmouth Morgan has been released from custody and trying to get word if she has bail condition’s But the left wing nuts are having a mental health breakdown that Morgan is out of jail allegedly caught stealing gas

There you have it people Morgan may freedom fighter is being released from custody In the next hour for allegedly caught stealing gas But you are Antifa sex offender we can give you bail and more

Fake news will spin the story and lie about it which they will thats how they work

I will have more Info when get it

Donald Smith

Independent Photojournalist
News Now Canada Independent Media

Morgan May having a bail hearing this morning for stealing gas

I am going to say this for the record I do not support rape jokes or support people that raping other people when there is a video online from a person i know supports raping people i don’t support it

Finding out a person is in Jail on false charges for stealing Gas is having a bail hearing right now, I did call the Dartmouth court finding out Morgan have 5 to 6 charges on her and i know they are false when the media lies about it

I have done a story on Morgan in the past where she was held in solitary confinement 4 days without a shower and would not let her use any female stuff

Our court system is a joke we have left wing nuts in Judges pants oh this person hurt me i need to you jail this person for hurting my feelings

well i will have more coming when i hear it

Donald Smith

Independent Photojournalist
News Now Canada Independent Media

Nova scotia Justice system kidnaps Morgan may a innocent person and holds her on BS CHARGES but you rape a kid oh bail time

I am sorry people i made the corrrection on my error for what i wrote

very shocking when the Nova scotia Justice system Kidnaps innocent person for allegedly stealing gas that’s what i am hearing is a joke when you have child pedos and left wing nuts out there smashing up people even assaulting people then get bail or let go

Our country is in Trouble and its runned by left wing nuts who lie get the courts to false charges on ya for anything hold ya when i had to happen to me

There are dark days coming some are good and some are bad its time for people to stand up to the justice system about this crap

Nova scotia Justice system is a joke where they holding someone for stealing gas which i know its false but rape a kid red carpet on bail speak about the Govt they will Jail your ass for anything

Morgan has been falsely charged in the past and held in solitary confinement 4 days without a shower and would not let her use any female stuff

I have reached out to the Rcmp for a comment and they have not emailed me back yet

But holding someone for stealing gas is a joke.

I did call the jail oh they didnt like me calling them all and the recording his on my twitter account

Comment and tell me what you think

Nova scotia Rcmp Arrest Morgan May on False charges for stealing gas

It’s now been days and still have not been given any information on @MorganMay4Freedom or heard from her at all. No one has.

In Canada, when the state doesn’t like you – they can invent fraudulent, ludicrously petty charges like “stealing gas”, put a warrant out for you, take you in handcuffs, put you in prison to await a bail hearing from a judge, for what would amount to be roughly $50. Which didn’t even happen.

She missed her grandfather’s funeral because of this, by the way. The state also prevented her from burying her own father in 2020 “because coronu” and she’s unvaccinated. Ew!

Morgan is being punished as a political prisoner. Maybe they’ll charge her with mischief and keep her for 6 months as a danger to society?

Morgan is the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known and it’s heartbreaking to see her treated like this.

Nova Scotia and Canada proper is dreadfully corrupt. Please share her story around, I’m banned from most things. Will update when I hear anything.